In the deep, lost, hidden places of the distant distant unshaped Wyld and Fae Lord sings a song….

A secret is held- a secret written on the bones of Creation itself, onto the burning flames of Malfeas, the hallowed river of the Underworld, and even the echoing blankness of Elsewhere. A secret from beyond reason and logic and hope and thought- a secret that could break Creation, unravel it at the seems, or save it from absolute destruction.

Now if only someone cared to remember it when they where told.

Lord Tristegafabula He-Of-Summer-Songs-And-Ancient-Fables sits in the Wyld deeps, strumming a lute as old as time and new as breath- and he plays a deadly dangerous game with the lives of millions. At the heart are his Exalted pawns: the courageous Eagle of the Sunrise, the wise Lotus of Arcane Secrets, the dark Cultivator of Sarcous Bozai, and the mysterious Scholar With Ink Stained Fingers. Stolen from their homes all over Creation they where brought together for some mysterious aim on the part of the Fae Lord, and then released just as promptly- a team of powerful and determined Exalted loosed on the Unsuspecting North for reasons they have yet to fathom- but Trist’s game persists deadly and crafty.

Enemies arise- a dark Circle of Abysaals stalks the steps of the party, and a team of hell-flamed Infernals spins webs and schemes all throughout the North. A mysterious ram-shackle Circle lead by enigmatic “Bloodhound” dogs the steps of evil and good alike all through the North, and Gods fall to twisted madness at seeming random- spelled by dark Sorcery. Conspiracies weave throughout the cities and factions of the Hastali and Realm alike, and in her fortress of Red Ice, The Lover Clad In Rainment Tears turns her eyes on the party. Everyone high and low searches for this strange secret rumored with power to change the game- or end it entirely. And attacks come from all sides- tied with gossamer strings to try and net the party further into a Fae web. Friends have been made, powerful allies formed- in the shape of a new Lunar thief Dancer Of The Ashen Winds. Alliances have been crafted and enemies have been forged. Danger mounts on all sides. And the party stands at the center of it all.

But one thing is certain: whatever the outcome of this deadly game, it will be something to write songs about.

The Wyld Game

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